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real consumer data

True Data through mobiles: We register millions of interactions every minute that we analyze applying data science

Big Data as a service and predictive marketing based on data gathered thorough observational technology: Identify real interests and behaviours and the best marketing opportunities to make profitable actions

Own passive tracking technology
that monitors daily activity through their Smartphones

Know real customers behavior in the day to day. Collect their interests and attitudes applying the observational methodology to overcome the limitations of the questionnaires. Go beyond their statements by monitoring what they actually do and not only what they say.

Combine the millions of recorded data to create audiences based in their habits, interests, their relationship with brands and the intensity of the contact with them. The 24/7 observation is going to provide you with the knowledge ground on which to pivot your strategy and predict results.

Design marketing actions based on continuous certainty, measuring the activity of your market in real time. Mobile devices act as powerful sensors, recording continuous uses that allow us to identify our behaviour patterns and the particular events that happen in the day to day.

Planning with deterministic data of the interactions with your brand and with those of your competitors. Your message will be more relevant and you will be able to plan more efficient actions because you are going to track all the activity of the market, counting with a powerful analytical tool of the competition.

Real Users to come over with cookies limitations

Passive tracking technology to automatically and directly track the actual interactions of thousands of users through their personal sensor: the smartphone.

In addition, we complete the behavioural data with declarative ones by launching accurate questions to their mobiles.

We process the information with a data-mining methodology based on attribute analysis. We have relevant information about your brand, your competition and your industry, and about the users from your addressable market.

We record the continuous interactions through the smartphones: what contents are consumed, how many times, when, from which geolocation, etc. Deterministic data to configure the daily life of the consumer. Knowing the precise connection times, determining the most intense moments and places, both for our products and our competitors, that is a competitive advantage.

The smartphone is the first connection screen that has to be known in depth by any business focused on growth.

What we do with our mobile data says a lot about us. Mobile devices are sensors that generate real data about today's consumer. Obtaining declarative data when you can have their real behaviour? Improve your 1 st party data with tracking information.


The data is displayed through interactive online panels.

More than 8,000 data points to filter information and build ideas that support real information marketing decisions.

A continuous resource and real-time access to consumer activity, competitive intelligence and the functioning of your brand, both for the sales, planning, strategy, communication and operations teams.

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Audience analysis

Check the day to day of the profiles that interest you and the predefined audiences (Millenials, Instagram lovers, teens, smart shoppers, etc).

Mobile competitive analytics

Usage information for more than 22 sectors or industries. App ranking by sector, shared audiences, key profiles, geolocalization: Banking, Retail, Fashion, Media, Restaurant and Delivery, Telco, Travel, etc.

App Benchmark

Diagnose the performance of as many applications as you want in the same board (KPIs reach, daily visits, time, use throughout the day, profiles, etc.).


Ad-hoc studies

Use our tracking technology in any market and sector to observe the day to day of the customers that you want to know better. Launch questions to the users based on their registered behavior.

Check the information, in real time and online, with customized filters to better exploit insights and storytelling.

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Ad-hoc studies


Smartme Analytics mBanking Study is the essential resource for banking professionals who want to apply unprecedented insights to their customer-centric strategies. All market data in a powerful resource of competitive intelligence, accessible in real time, to guide your commercial actions more accurately.


A complete positioning study of the main Tourism Sector players and its mobile-first strength: What are the main agents of the sector according to reach and engament achieved with the consumer on the smartphone screen?, What particular events that build the key itineraries happen until the transaction is done?

Fashion & Retail

Smartme Analytics monitors thousands of "fashion-connected" consumers by identifying the most influential factors in a mobile-first, hub of the omnicanality strategy. Mobile devices are hyperconnexion gadgets to get inspired, follow trends, compare prices and check stocks, and even as a rising tool to enable payment.

Data you need to influence


Polling what they do with their mobile phone you will discover how, when and where they relate to your brand and to those of your competitors. Identify the particular events and understand what factors move customers to both your product and your category. Identify what other products and services are part of their daily life to inform their decisions.


Identify the behaviors, interests and attitudes of your users in their day to day. Detect what makes them different and what are their motivations. For what, why, when and where do they connect. Know precisely their uniqueness in real time. Map the identified patterns and discover new itineraries in both your customers and your competitors' customers.


Understand what media, platforms, tools and content do they use more from their mobile, at what times, how many times, and from what geolocations. Master intensive use moments: Know the percentage of people connected at each moment and their level of activity. Monitor the actual engagement. The newest media information. Activate your insights and get results in a direct and effective manner.


Brand positioning diagnosis in the mobile channel. Competitive analysis of the sector and study of its affinity with other sectors. Customer-experience valuation and drivers of influence detection. Determine and quantify the scope of your impact on the first consumer connection screen and put it in the context of the daily activity of the user.

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Mobile Diagnosis

Benchmarking Brands:

  • Daily Active Users
  • User Profiles
  • Geolocated Usage
  • Total/Session Time
  • Use per hours of the day (24x7)
  • Shared Audiences
  • WiFi vs 3/4G distribution
  • App Benchmark

Cognitive Analysis

Audience Behaviours:

  • Filter by interests
  • Filter by Behaviours
  • Filter by Geolocation
  • Journey: Usage per hour (24x7)
  • Usage Intensity
  • Differences vs Similarities
  • Predefined audiences (e.g. smart shoppers)
  • Bespoke Reports

Sectorial Analysis

Competitive intelligence:

  • Audience Lifestyle 360º
  • Vertical Magic Cuadrant
  • Players Ranking/Industry
  • Shared Audiences
  • Total/Session Time
  • Use activity per hour (24x7)
  • Geolocated uses
  • Bespoke Reports
  • Mobile IPIx: Industry Performance Index

Data-Driven Decisors

Full Access to Data Blocks:

  • Mobile diagnosis, Vertical, Behaviour
  • Customizes Filters
  • Bespoke Reports
  • Data Science private services
  • Ad-hoc Surveys
  • In-house analyst
  • Predictions
  • Mobile Industry Tracking
  • Behavioural Data
  • Top KPIs 22 industries: Banking, Retail, etc.